The P&P Bicentenary Challenge 2013

Thank you Laurel Ann for coming up with such a great challenge for 2013! As most of you know, Austenprose is having a bit of a challenge and I can't turn down a good competition. To learn about The P&P Bicentenary Challenge click hereYou can check out the books on my reading list here.

Today we will take a closer look at:

1932 by Karen Cox!

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We begin this novel with a glimpse into the happy go lucky lives of the Bennet family. Mr. Bennet is a University professor, happily teaching away while at the uni and retreating into the quiet of his study while at home. Elizabeth is studying to be a teacher as well and is perfectly contented in following in her fathers footsteps.

Fairly quickly, we learn that things are not as happy as they seem. Mr. Bennet has been harboring a very HUGE secret and it can no longer be hidden. He has been let go from the university and is not able to find another job and loses his home. After writing to his brother in law (a veterinarian in Kentucky), he has been offered the Gardiner family farm. This is Mrs. Bennet's ancestral home that has been vacant since her fathers death. 

With the realization that she would be transported back to her original life, Mrs. Bennet herself transforms. Its as if entering the property brings back all of the forgotten realities of existence. She had been a hard working girl in her youth, not used to being pampered and she understood all of the nuances of day to day life in the working south. Mrs. Bennet rises to the occasion and teaches her daughters all of the day to day survival skills that had for so long been lacking in their education. Skills like creating a garden and bathing with zero privacy. 

The girls are forced to find jobs in order to help support the family. Jane is sent off to work in Mr Bingley's store. Elizabeth goes to work at Mr. Gardener's Veterinary Clinic.

I'm sure you all are wondering about Mr. Darcy and Georgiana...

Georgiana's story is very troubled indeed. After running off and "Marrying" Mr. Whickam, she soon finds herself penniless  starving and the mother of two very small, sweet children. In order to save herself and the children she travels back home to her brother and takes sanctuary with him. 

Mr. Darcy falls in love with Elizabeth, and proposes to her. She does not reject him, like you would expect but instead decides to marry the wealthy man in order to save her family. Unfortunately for Elizabeth so does not fall madly in love with her husband so quickly. They have a rocky road ahead of them.

After a short separation, the re-emergence of Mr. Whickam, a gun fight, some steamy scenes in a hayloft, two more weddings and an unexpected pregnancy, happily ever afters are had all around!

I heartily enjoyed this novel. It  conjured up long forgotten memories of good times spent snuggling up on the couch with my husband watching the George Clooney film, 'O Brother Where Art Thou'. Good times indeed! The pace of the novel also made it feel as if I were only watching a film. It moved quickly and kept my interest from start to finish. I loved Mrs. Bennet rolling up her sleeves and getting down to work and while I have heard criticism of Mr. Bennets lack of financial planning, I can't say that I would have done things any differently given the same situation. Five starts all around and I applaud Karen Cox's creativity!

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