Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Tabs Breakdown

Looking at the top of the page you you see several different tabs. I've decided to break down my writing by the day. This should make it easier for me to get everything on my list done, and for you to read appropriately. I hate it when I subscribe to a blog and I get all kinds of randomness all the time. Here you will see that I have it broken down by topic and day.

Mondays- Every Monday I will post a little more of my story, Mr. Darcy's Defeat. It may not be a whole chapter, but there will be something of interest added to the story. If you are a JAFF fan this would be a good day for you to follow.

Tuesdays- I love some of the funny things that I find on Twitter. On Tuesdays I will post some of those funny things that have been posted during the week (Tuesday through Tuesday). If you are on Twitter, you should pay attention to this day because who knows, I might just quote you!

Wednesdays- On Wednesdays I will post some of your thoughts and letters to your favorite authors. This is a great place to encourage those authors to continue the wonderful work that they do.

Thursdays- I plan on reading a lot of books this year. Here you can  keep up with what I'm currently reading and perhaps find a new book for yourself. I will follow each book that I've completed with a short review.

Fridays- Here is the biggest event of the week! Every Friday I am going to feature an interview with one of your favorite authors. In the beginning it may be a simple getting to know you read along, but I have big multi-media plans  for the future.

I've excited to see this blog grow and hope that you are too!

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