Sunday, March 10, 2013

What's happening this week...

This week (March 11th through 15th) I will have another full schedule.

Monday: We will see what could be in Elizabeth's future. A couple of weeks ago we found out that Elizabeth had decided that she had given up the only chance that she would have at a profitable marriage. Where will she go to from here?

Tuesday: We will take a closer look at two of my favorite Caroline Bingleys and figure out exactly what it is that I will be trying to emulate.

Wednesday: We will enjoy a fan mail letter from a college student who is currently studying abroad in Spain!

Thursday: This Thursday I will be reviewing the book, 'Finding Mister Darcy' by Diane Clark and comparing it to 'Finding Mr. Darcy' by Amanda Hooton.

Friday: I am very excited to interview the one and only Mary Lydon Simonsen. If you keep up with my blog you will remember that I reviewed her novel 'Darcy on the Hudson' on Thursday of last week.

I am looking forward to this busy week! Its all very exciting!

Also, Check out my Friday page to find out if you were the winner of my Brenda Webb giveaway!


  1. i am trying to access the friday and not having luck finding it

  2. I have tweeked the blog a bit since this post. If you are looking at viewing any of my interviews, please click on the "Up Close and Personal" tab at the top of the blog just under my page title.